My Week of Workouts (July 22-28, 2013)

So after getting a few requests/questions on my workouts, I wanted to share my workouts for this past week. One of my best friends and I use the Catch Notes app to log our workouts in a shared space to give each other ideas for workouts and exercises and also, to track our progress in how much we can lift for different exercises. Sometimes I will post these workouts from Catch on IG:

But I wanted to share a full week of my workouts in this post. If there is anything listed that you are unsure about how to perform, you can Google, check out or another great database for exercises, If you are just getting started or are looking for a good, consistent program to follow, I highly recommend Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer program.

Jamie Eason LiveFit

It’s a 12-week program with daily workouts, links to exercise descriptions on the website, information on nutrition with a sample meal plan, tips and advice on completing the workouts along with much more useful information. Definitely worth checking out! This is the program that my friend and I started last Spring that got us out of our comfort zones and into weight-training in the first place!

Anywho, here are the workouts I did this week [format of listed exercises: exercise name (sets x reps, weight)]. I also did morning cardio about 3 times last week…I might try to change this up in the next few weeks, but I haven’t decided yet! Please note with my workouts below that I wanted to list the weights I used to act as guidelines, but you should use a weight that allows you to finish each set but one that makes it VERY difficult to finish the last couple of reps!

Dos Equis Man

Try to rest just 60-90 seconds between each set to help keep your heart rate up. Also remember that it’s important to stretch, warm up for at least 10 minutes (I prefer to do an incline walk or jog on the treadmill, walk on the stair climber or do a short circuit to get my muscles ready for the workout) and also stretch AFTER your workout…something that I have been really bad about lately but am going to try much harder to make sure I do after EVERY workout! An extra 10 minutes after each workout worth it to avoid super-tight muscles.

Mon, 7/22/13: BACK

▶Assisted Pull Ups (1 set to failure)
▶Deadlifts (4×8, 95lbs)
▶Wide Grip Lat Pull-Downs (3×10, 65lbs)
▶V-Grip Cable Row (4×12, 55lbs)
▶Face Pulls (4×8-10, 30lbs)

▶Plank (1 to failure)
▶Back Extensions (2×20)
▶Push Ups (2×20)
▶Chair Leg Raises (3×15)

Tues, 7/23/13: LEGS

▶Barbell Squats (2×10, 95lbs; 2×8, 115lbs)
▶Single Leg Extensions (3×10/leg, 40lbs)
▶Walking Lunges (4×16 steps, 25lb plate/hand)
▶Glute Kickbacks (3×10/leg, 35-40lbs)
▶Smith Machine Lunges (3×10/leg, 115lbs)
▶Stiff Leg Deadlifts (4×10, 60lbs)

Wed, 7/24/13: SHOULDERS

▶Dumbbell Overhead Press (3×8-10, 25lbs)
▶Dumbbell Front Raises (3×10, 15lbs)
▶Cable Side Lateral Raises (3×8, 5lbs)
▶Rear Delt Machine (3×10, 40lbs)
▶Dumbbell Side Lateral Raises (4×10, 12.5lbs)
↘SS Barbell Upright Rows (4×10, 30lbs)*
▶Chair Leg Raises (2×20)

Thurs, 7/25/13: BICEPS & TRICEPS

▶Narrow Hand Push Ups (2×20)
▶Skull Crushers (4×10, 30-40lbs)
↘SS Alternate Dumbbell Curls (4×10, 20lbs)*
▶Barbell Curls (3×8, 40lbs)
↘SS Dumbbell Hammer Curls (3×8, 15lbs)*
▶Dumbbell Incline Curls (3×10, 12.5lbs)
▶Rope Tricep Push Downs (4×10, 20lbs, last set drop set)
▶Assisted Tricep Dips (3 sets to failure)

▶Chair Leg Raises (3×20)
▶Back Extensions on GHD Machine (2×16)

Fri, 7/26/13: CHEST

▶Wide Push Ups (3×10, SLOW & controlled)
▶Chair Leg Raises (3×20)
▶Barbell Flat Bench Press (3×8, 65lbs)
▶Dumbbell Incline Bench Press (3×10, 25lbs)
▶Pectoral Fly Machine (4×10, 35lbs)
▶Smith Machine Incline Press (3×6, 70lbs)
▶Stiff Leg Deadlifts (4×10, light – 40lbs)

Sat, 7/27/13: LEGS

▶Chair Leg Raises (3×20)
▶Back Extensions (2×20)

▶Barbell Squats (1×10, 95lbs; 3×8, 115lbs)
▶Seated Leg Curls (4×8, 50lbs)
▶Smith Machine Lunges (3×10/leg, 100lbs)
▶Glute Kickbacks (3×10, 40lbs)
▶Narrow Stance Leg Press (4×10, 180lbs)
▶Calf Raises on Leg Press (3×10, 180lbs)

Sun, 7/28/13: REST DAY

* SS = superset (complete 1 set of first exercise and then 1 set of second exercise and THEN rest for 60-90 seconds – that’s 1 superset)

I’m trying to incorporate more daily core exercises into my workouts so I’m going to continue to do a few sets of things like back extensions, chair leg raises, planks, and push ups on days that I work out to help strengthen my core.

Don’t be afraid to lift weights! And lift HEAVY!

What lifting actually does for women

(by the way, that’s one of my favorite fitness models, Savannah Rose Neveux, aka Muffin Topless, on the right…she’s awesome!)