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I’ve been inspired by so many amazing people over the past year and these ladies are just some of those people who have had the most influence on the decisions I’ve made and actions I’ve taken towards a healthier lifestyle. I don’t know how I would have learned and continue to learn as much if it weren’t for these amazing women who have shared their lives to help motivate and inspire others by sharing their beginnings, journeys, successes, setbacks and in some cases, many aspects of their daily lives to help others learn the things that they have learned and what they do to help live happy, balanced, healthy lives.

Listed in order pictured, top to bottom, left to right (some by their social media names):

  • Amanda Adams (While I love following and appreciate all of these ladies, Amanda is one of my favorite girls to follow! She has an insanely bubbly, contagious, positive attitude and she is always keeping it real. She’s not afraid to be silly and to share how she maintains a good balance between a healthy lifestyle and letting loose a little sometimes!)
  • Ashley Scott (Behind Kelsey Byers, Ashley, is one of the first fitness girls I found on Facebook. As I wrote in my first post, “How I Got Started“, she has been so amazingly helpful over the past year with sharing so many details of her journey from “Skinny Fat to Skinny Fit”!)
  • KCB (I recently found Casie on Facebook through a mutual Houston friend. This girl is super inspiring and just finished her first competition not too long ago! I haven’t been following her but for a couple of months now, but she has been very helpful with questions I’ve had in order to help me learn more about lifting, supplements she takes, food prep, etc.)
  • Fit Life – Happy Wife (I started following her around last summer. She is super adorable and is always posting amazing fitspo pictures of herself and the clean, delicious meals she comes up with! She recently announced her and her husband’s first pregnancy on Facebook and I’m excited to follow her through that journey.)
  • Jamie Eason (The woman who introduced me to weight lifting, basically! If you are new to the gym and are looking for a place to start, I so often recommend Jamie Eason’s LifeFit Trainer as a great program to look into.)
  • Kelsey Byers (As I mentioned in my first post, “How I Got Started“, she is the one who first introduced me to clean eating. Her transformation story is truly inspiring and so are her daily posts on Facebook and Instagram.)
  • Leah Potosky (A childhood friend of Ashley Scott’s, I started following Leah not long after I found Ashley on Facebook over a year ago. Another great one to follow!)
  • Little B (She is amazing – her blog has great recipes and workouts that I have used many times over the past year. She is so inspiring and is great at sharing her successes, like her recent photo shoot, as well as some “off days” like the ones we all have!)
  • Fit Foodies Healthy Life (Another inspiring girl who shares many of her recipes and workouts – her blog is a great resource for clean recipes and workouts. She’s also posted some very helpful vlogs!)
  • Spoonful of Fit (If you’re looking for daily inspiration, you can find it here! She has the greatest motivational posts to help pick you up. She also makes the craziest, most delicious looking stack of clean pancakes I’ve ever seen. Check out her Instagram where she seems to be a little more active!)
  • Muffin Top-Less (Savannah has an amazing transformation story – hers is one of my favorites because it’s one that I think so many people go through! From her skinnier high school days, to her partying college days, to her now fit lifestyle, she is an absolute inspiration!)
  • Whitney Carlson (Another great transformation story, Whitney Carlson writes on two of the most informative blogs I’ve ever found! Definitely check out her blog and He and She Eat Clean – both great resources! You can definitely tell that she is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and eager to share everything she knows in order to help teach others.)

Last, but definitely not least, there are several people closest to me that inspire me daily. My husband – this guy is the most ambitious person I know. He thrives on challenging himself and seeing how far he can push himself to do the very best he can in everything he attempts. He’s finally approaching the end of his first year of law school and it has definitely been a rough one. In order to do well in law school, which I would expect no less of from him, I’ve found that an individual has to be focused, disciplined and extremely self-motivating, all things I witnessed him exemplify in this past year. On top of a strenuous first year in law school, he got involved in many other extracurricular activities, managed to make and keep up with countless friends and was able to maintain a pretty continuous workout schedule. If there’s nothing else I’ve learned during this past year from him, it’s that if you want something bad enough, you will find the time to make it happen.

Then there are a few people who keep me motivated to push myself every single day – my three friends in Houston, Kamran, Laura and Stephano. I met Kamran back in college and I’ll never forget seeing him for the first time, walking into the Business School coffee shop with his bag of spinach (yes, instead of the vending machine goodies at school, this guy snacked on raw spinach). Kamran helps me get over myself when I’m feeling guilty for cheat meals, pushes me not to be lazy (to get my workouts in and my food prepping done) and even helps me out by giving me workouts to do when I’m feeling too brain dead to come up with them myself! Laura is one of my best friends who started lifting with me last year using Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer program. She and I have learned so much together about clean eating and weight training in the past year that it is really amazing for me to think how far we have come. Stephano is a friend of mine who was introduced to me by Laura. Also known to Laura and I as “Coach”, Stephano is one of the fittest people I know. Since I started focusing more on weight training, I’ve learned so much from him and am motivated daily by his “wake up and kick a**, no excuses” attitude. I talk to Laura and Stephano on the daily and if I’m ever feeling weak in the face of pizza, cake or the like, or if I’m having one of those, “ughhh, I’m tired, I don’t WANT to go to the gym tonight” days, these two PUSH me to keep in mind why I started this healthier lifestyle and they give me the swift kick in the rear that I need to get myself in check.


Lastly, I’ve also been extremely lucky to have the support of so many of my friends and family members in New York and back in Texas. I’ve heard stories of people getting criticized by friends for making lifestyle changes like the ones I’ve tried to make in these past couple of months, but I have experienced nothing but support and encouragement from my family and friends and I could not be more thankful! I first started using Instagram for myself, as somewhat of a food and exercise diary to help hold myself accountable, but I have had several friends of mine and followers on Instagram reach out to me to thank me for sharing because it has helped to motivate them and it makes me unbelievably overwhelmed with appreciation and pure happiness to actually hear that I have inspired, motivated or helped even one person make a decision in their life that pushes them in the direction towards the happy balance in life they are trying to achieve.

The BIGGEST thanks to all of these people for being amazing inspirations and motivators in my life!

Be Strong - You Never Know Who You Are Inspiring


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